Learn What Destroys Love, And The Secret To Making It Grow

After 100,000 Hours Counseling Couples, I Can Help You Avoid These Relationship Killers

Why are so many hearts breaking, couples divorcing, and singles struggling? As a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, I spend 60 hours a week answering these questions.

This is why:
  1. People make critical mistakes at the beginning of a relationship that set them up for failure once the “Honeymoon” is over.
  2. People don’t know how to keep their relationship fresh and exciting, and settle into bad habits and boring routines.
  3. People don’t understand what love really is and their expectations create mistrust, jealousy and distance… when they could be closer and more satisfied than they ever imagined.

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Learn The Secrets To Making Love Grow

  • Keep the fires burning well past the “Honeymoon Phase”
  • Create a foundation that’s built to last
  • Make sure your relationship never gets boring

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What is Heroic Love?

True, lasting love can only come from partners who are willing to be heroic. They dare to be authentic, they commit fiercely to their love, and they embrace transformative change.

Like any hero’s journey, there will be challenges to overcome, demons to battle, and hearts to save. But, like a flower coming up through asphalt, love that is earned is all the more precious for the effort it took.

Heroic love isn’t boring, or taken for granted, or dishonest. It is the kind of love you commit to every day, both because you treasure it enormously, and because it is the agent of adventure, excitement and fulfillment in your life. Who you are, how you grow, becomes perfectly entwined with the heart of another. You are both stronger as individuals, and as a team.

It is the sweetest, and most beautiful, of rewards.

Who Is Dr. Randi?

Dr. Randi Gunther

In my 40 years as a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, I’ve helped people understand why their relationships start out euphoric only to crumble, and what skills they need for lasting love.

The greatest obstacles between you and the love you want is often right before your eyes, but hard to see on your own. My specialty is to help you look at your relationships with heroic honesty, so you can affect powerful change.

My husband and I have practiced this every day for over 60 years, and nothing could be sweeter or more transformative. I know I can create radical change in you too, if you are willing to go on this exciting adventure.

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