The Critical Pieces You Need To Create An Extraordinary Love Life

The solution you need to experience the transformation you want is right in front of you, but you’re too close to see it – no matter how hard you’ve tried to look. Dr. Randi’s expert eagle eye will help you understand your relationship struggles in a completely different way, revealing new approaches that really work.

Foundation Programs

Heroic Love eBook

So many couples start out wildly in love, only to find that they can’t sustain a loving relationship. That’s because they didn’t know about the critical ingredients that keep love fresh, evergreen, and fulfilling for both partners. This book is Dr. Randi’s labor of love – a distillation of everything she has learned over the past 40 years helping couples find and keep a lasting relationship. You’ll learn how to prevent the common problems that break couples apart, how to avoid the dreaded “honeymoon is over” phenomenon, and how to create a partnership that propels both you and your beloved to reach your highest individual potential.

Dating Rehab

Are you burned out from trying to find your partner? Do you wonder how you’ll ever have a lasting, meaningful relationship when you can barely get past the first few dates or the first few months?

Dating Rehab teaches you a counterintuitive yet highly effective approach that will revolutionize your dating experience and get you on the fast-track to the love of your life. No more false starts and dashed hopes – you’ll learn how to quickly identify true compatibility in a prospective partner and how to create connection and intimacy from the very first “hello” all the way to a committed relationship and beyond.

The Art of Translation

Are your partner’s verbal attacks hurting your feelings? Are you walking on eggshells or suffering through the “silent treatment?”

A relationship can’t survive if you’re constantly bickering or failing to really listen and understand one another. In The Art of Translation video program, you’ll uncover the underlying causes and common saboteurs behind your inability to connect. You’ll also learn the 5 critical steps to effortless and loving communication, along with step-by-step exercises and techniques that will bring you and your partner to a deeper level of understanding and intimacy.

Relationship CPR

Has betrayal, disappointment or chronic fighting brought your relationship to the breaking point? On one hand, your head is telling you to go, but your heart wants to stay and work things out.

Dr. Randi has spent the last 40+ years counseling couples in crisis. Her time-tested Relationship CPR plan will help you heal what’s broken between you and your partner and inspire you to fall deeper in love than ever. Learn how to identify the true cause of your disconnect, gain the motivation to make the right changes and get your love back on track with powerful new behaviors that will transform your relationship.

Finding Keepers

Your time is precious. And you want to find the one partner who will heroically stick it out with you for the long haul – a true “Keeper.” In this two-hour audio program, Dr. Randi will teach you how to spot the 12 characteristics crucial to relationship success and long-lasting love, so you can zero in on the right partner and avoid getting involved in the wrong relationships. You’ll also learn how to embody the Keeper qualities yourself so that the love of your life will never want to let you go.