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What if I told you that there was a powerful balm that could heal your relationship and help you get over upsets – any time you needed it?

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What if this medicine could instantly help both of you recapture the magic and intensity of your early days together – that precious time when you were both falling in love?

Better yet, what if you didn’t have to pay a penny for this cure-all? Wouldn’t you want this thing as soon as possible?

Well, here’s the best part: you have this miracle pill right now. In fact, you have unlimited, uninterrupted access to it. Every couple does. Sadly, a lot of them don’t know it.

Sweet Spots: Your Magic Moments

Every couple has a laundry list of magical moments where they felt especially connected to each other. These are the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual places where everything between them feels natural and easy:

  • Maybe they met in a serendipitous way, and they feel their relationship is “meant to be.”
  • Maybe on their first date, they discovered that they both like their fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup.
  • Or perhaps they both share a love of sailing or feel a special calling to do volunteer work.
  • It could be the morning they got rained out of their picnic plans and instead had lunch inside on the floor, by the fireplace.

These little moments of connection – rather than big, dramatic ones – are the ones that build up to a couple’s falling in love.

That’s why I call these moments Sweet Spots. The moments where time stands still, and there’s no other place they’d rather be, and no other person they’d like to be with.

Yet, in the heat of conflict or disagreement, these moments are quickly forgotten. When emotions are fired up about the issue at hand, it’s all too easy to lose perspective. Suddenly, you are swamped with negative feelings about each other, and you can’t see the forest for the trees.

The trees represent the conflict at hand, but you lose sight of the lush forest you’ve built your relationship on.

Using Sweet Spots As Automatic Healing Havens

Successful couples know what their Sweet Spots are, and they intentionally head for them whenever conflict arises. And yes, conflict happens for even the most in-love couples!

These couples know that conflict is an inevitable part of an intimate relationship. They understand that working through conflict as a team strengthens their bond, and they also know how important it is to keep the good feelings alive.

They know that Sweet Spots are a never-ending process. They continuously strive to create new ones – making time together a priority and scheduling activities they both enjoy.

These couples also know that in order to keep things fresh and exciting in their relationship, they each have to be committed to their own personal growth. By developing their own interests, they’re able to share their discoveries with one another, and they retain the excitement of the “discovery phase” that characterizes initial courtship.

Tapping Into Your Own Relationship Medicine

Man and woman playing on beach

Sweet Spots are a powerful, effective way to weather relationship conflict and transform difficult relationships.

And if you are just beginning a relationship, knowing the importance of creating Sweet Spots means you’ll be better equipped to form a stronger bond with your partner.

Arming yourself with your Sweet Spots means that, if common relationship problems arise, you will be able to “widen the lens” and gain the perspective you both need to overcome any setbacks.

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  • Keep the fires burning well past the “Honeymoon Phase”
  • Create a foundation that’s built to last
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