End The Games, Shallowness & Fake Connections To Finally Attract The Love Of Your Life

Dating today is broken. It only leads to disappointment, frustration, and heartbreak. This radically new approach will get you off the merry-go-round of go-nowhere dates and fast-track you to the greatest ride of your life: authentic, lasting love.

Since you’re reading this, I can bet that you’ve had enough.

Enough of trying to find your partner and not getting anywhere.

Enough of boring dates, and flaky suitors, and constant wondering.

Enough of men disappearing after you think you’ve connected.

Enough of dating. Because dating has become synonymous with disappointment for you.

Constant, exhausting, endless disappointment.

You want to believe that there is someone out there for you. Someone who will truly love you for all that you are and be by your side no matter what happens.

Someone who wants to create a deep, enduring connection. The kind of connection that makes you both think, “There’s nobody else on Earth I’d rather be with.”

But reality hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s. Just. Not. Happening.

No matter what you do, “Mr. Right” just won’t show up.

No matter how many dates you go on, they all lead nowhere.

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Transform Your Dating Experience

Or worse, you get your hopes up and feel a spark of chemistry, and he turns out to be a jerk.

You think you “click” with someone, but he never asks you out again.

Or you go out on a few dates, but then he fades out on you – with little or no explanation at all.

Maybe you even get to the point of seeing someone exclusively – and finally think this is IT – only to have the person vanish from your life.

How can you expect to find the love of a lifetime when you can barely make it past the first date – let alone the three-month mark?

Everything just feels so superficial, so fragile.

You’re left holding the pieces of yet another broken dream, and the very last thing you want to do is get out there again.

“Out there,” from your experience, is not a safe, comforting place. “Out there” feels like a landmine, an obstacle course, and a search for buried treasure that never appears.

Everything feels out of control. You’re putting in a lot of effort but not actually getting anywhere.

And as you keep joining dating sites, and updating your profile, and smiling at men in coffee shops, and agreeing to be “set up,” and flirting at parties… you look around and wonder why other people have what you so desperately want.

What did they do that you haven’t?

Why haven’t you met your match, and when can you start living the life you’ve dreamed of?

You want to say, “I’m done.” Yet something in your heart won’t let you.

This isn’t some new car or vacation you have your heart set on. This is the partner you want for life.

You’re not willing to give that up.

And you don’t have to.

Is It Even Possible To Find A Real Connection Any More?

The irony today is that we’re more connected and yet more disconnected than ever.

Technology makes it easy to “meet” someone on the other side of the planet, but it also makes things move fast – too fast for meaningful connections to take root and grow.

Compared to even 10 years ago, you’ll meet many, many more people. But interactions and connections tend to be fleeting and superficial.

The more options, the shallower the connections. People are like bumble bees, buzzing from one flower to another.

The result is a highly-ineffective dating process that wastes precious years of your life.

And if you keep doing what you’ve been doing – following this trend – you’ll inevitably be burned out, bitter, and by yourself.

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way. A way to date that cuts out all the nonsense, all the dashed hopes, all the false starts, and all the chaos.

I’ve taught this alternative way of dating to thousands of people who were once heartbroken, burned out, and feeling hopeless that true love would ever appear.

And when they first hear about it, they’re a little skeptical and apprehensive, because:

The secret to finding a meaningful, lasting connection today is to do something radically different.

Everything You’re Doing Now To Find Love Is Wrong

If it feels like no matter what you do, you can’t win at this dating game – you’re right.

But not because you’re clueless or aren’t cut out for love. It’s because, as I mentioned above, the current system isn’t conducive to making lasting, meaningful connections.

Much like attempting to swim in a riptide, you’re trying to find love in an environment that doesn’t cultivate or promote lasting love.

You’re gasping for air and trying to stay afloat.

Dating today creates a bevy of no-win circumstances for you. All of these elements add up to your feeling powerless, and they keep you stuck, unable to get closer to the love you’re searching for.

Why Modern Dating Is A Losing Proposition

Dating Today Doesn’t Foster AUTHENTICITY

Because there are so many options available, dating has turned into a buffet. Instead of lingering on one possibility and savoring the nuances of a particular date, people tend to move quickly from one prospect to another.

You feel like a “number” because you are.

Instead of being able to relax and get to know someone, you’re hyperfocused on whether someone is going to bolt. This dynamic in turn creates fear of rejection, which means you’re less likely to show up as your authentic self for fear of turning people off.

You’ll try to be all things to all people – shutting down what you really want in order to be accommodating and appeasing.

If your date wants to go to a bar every night, you won’t admit that drinking is really not your thing.

If you want kids and your prospective partner doesn’t, you pretend it doesn’t matter to you. You tell yourself he’ll come around.

What you’re really doing here is building a house of cards. There’s no real foundation and no real connection, because it’s built on fantasy – not the authentic truth of who you are and what you want.

Ultimately, the best case scenario in this approach is that you find “some” person to be with but not the “right” person.

Because for someone to love all of you, they need to see the whole picture of who you are.

Dating Today Doesn’t Create CONNECTION

Think about the times you’ve shared a secret with a girlfriend. Chances are, she opened up about something personal as well.

This is how real connection is born. When we don’t reveal who we really are, we don’t create the circumstances for others to also reveal themselves.

Even if you think you really clicked with someone on a first date, if you’re not taking the steps to create REAL intimacy, you’ll be left disappointed down the line.

The fast-paced, technology-driven dating system today preempts meaningful conversation, and therefore, connection. Communication is often relegated to sound bites and small talk. It never gives you a chance to reveal what’s wonderful about you, and it keeps you from discovering what’s unique about someone else.

And if you can’t create real connection, you will never be able to get a relationship off the ground.

Dating Keeps You Focused On The WRONG THINGS

Because of the seemingly intense competition and pressure today, you put a lot of thought into getting ready for a date. From what you wear to what you say, you want him to think you’re attractive, clever, and, most of all, different from all the other women out there. You want him to like you.

What you wear and how witty you are in conversation are superficial elements that don’t create deep connection. What’s more, being hypervigilant about how you come across creates an undercurrent of anxiety. It doesn’t feel good for you, and your date will pick up on it. In order for intimacy to bloom, you need to stay in the moment, which is difficult to do when you’re worried about what your date thinks.

And if you notice, all your effort is going into what this other person thinks of you – rather than relaxing into yourself and staying focused on what you want. You are so focused on how he is seeing you, that you won’t be able to see whether HE’S good for YOU.

Dating Today SETS YOU UP For Failure

Because you fear you’ll never find someone, you’re likely casting a wide net. You don’t want to limit your options.

But acting out of fear and scarcity means you will more likely get involved in relationships that aren’t right for you. You’ll ignore early warning signals and refrain from asking important questions up front because you don’t want to appear too forward.

How many times has a date said or done something that turned you off, but you thought, “Well, nobody’s perfect,” and kept your mouth shut?

Maybe you’re doing this because you feel like you need to keep your options open.

But if you’re dating today, the likelihood is that you’re not being picky enough.

Going out on more and more dates isn’t the answer. Putting up with things you don’t like doesn’t mean you’re being flexible. It just means that in 10 years you’ll be bemoaning all the things you don’t like in your partner.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again with the couples who come to me in crisis. Had they been more honest about what they wanted from the beginning, they would not be heading for divorce today.

Your First Few Dates Determine The Entire Course Of Your Love Life

If you keep dating “today’s way,” you’re setting yourself up for a trap.

You’re stacking the odds AGAINST you. Not only are you making it harder for yourself to find a truly good match, but you’re not gaining the skills you need to carry a relationship for a lifetime.

Couple Hugging On Beach

You may think you’ve found the one, but the honeymoon won’t last long. And you’ll be like one of my couples who have sat in my office – head in hands – wondering what happened to the “connection” they once shared.

Sadly, many of them discover there was no real “connection” to begin with – precisely because they were swept up in an ineffective courtship.

Hindsight is always 20/20. There’s no need for you, in 10 years time, to look back and wish you had done things differently. You can do things differently NOW, and I can show you how.

Let my 40+ years of experience work for you.

I can teach you how to completely transform your dating experience and deliver to you the person who is truly right for you – for the long haul – faster than you ever thought possible.

First, you have to be willing to throw away all of your preconceived ideas about dating and get ready to embrace a whole new way.

There are specific ways to interact from the first few moments of connection that will set the stage for an authentic, lasting relationship.

This will require you to be breathtakingly bold – both in the way you present yourself and in the way you communicate with a prospective partner.

Because how you handle the early stages of dating are critical to your happiness in love. After 40 years of counseling couples in crisis, I’ve seen over and over that the majority of their struggles could have been prevented had they practiced smart dating skills early on.

I want to teach you everything I know, which is why I poured my decades of experience into one program that is designed with one goal in mind:

To fast-track the dating process, put an end to the boring, shallow, and confusing world of dating today – and to get you into the right relationship with a partner who will cherish you for exactly who you are, bring out the best in you, and create a love that is unbreakable.

Introducing Dating Rehab: A Fresh, Effective Approach To Finding The Love Of Your Life

I love this definition of Rehab:

“Restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition.”

As we’ve seen, dating has become broken. What used to work to find love has been replaced with a chaotic system that has left you frustrated and still single.

Dating Rehab gets back to the fundamental things that work in dating and finding a life-long partner.

Ultimately, the point of dating should be to get you to stop going on dates – by finding the one person you can share your life with.

Dating Rehab teaches you what it takes to create real intimacy and connection from the very beginning, and how to present yourself in a way that will naturally attract the RIGHT partner for you.

Instead of getting caught up in a superficial numbers game, you’ll be on the fast-track to DEEP connection with the ONE person who will love you for all that you are.

The men you’re meeting are just as burned out by the system as you are. They just don’t know what to do about it.

And they’re longing to find someone who can shake everything up.

Once you start using the Dating Rehab process, you will stand out as a shining star.

Men will feel connected and alive with you, excited once again.

You will find that your attitude and mindset about dating change as well, so that you even enjoy dating again.

This creates a snowball effect where you feel more hopeful, empowered, and therefore infinitely more attractive. Soon, you’ll wake up and realize that the landscape of your love life looks completely different.

Once You Start Following This New Approach To Dating, You Will:
  • Feel a complete shift in your dating experiences
  • Begin to experience deeper, more energizing connections on your dates
  • Notice a completely different dynamic on dates, your confidence will soar, and you’ll start to see men leaning into you – wanting more

Your Love-Filled Adventure Starts Now

Dating Rehab is about bringing you a completely new experience in dating – one that actually gets you what you ultimately want – a true, deep connection with another person that sets the stage for a fully committed, unbreakable, soul satisfying partnership.

You’re not going to learn flirting “techniques.” And this isn’t because flirting is wrong. It’s because once you learn the Dating Rehab approach, you will naturally present yourself in the most attractive and charming way – to the person who is RIGHT for you.

You see, things like smiling and holding eye contact are universally appealing. But what you’ll learn in Dating Rehab will make you attract the right person with laser-beam accuracy.

In Dating Rehab, you’ll learn:

  • The shortest route possible to finding your perfect partner – so you can stop endless dating and instead begin the love adventure of your lifetime
  • How to maximize what’s best about you in order to attract the partner who will truly appreciate all that you are
  • How to identify any weaknesses that are getting in the way of finding the love you want and actually use these to attract a great match
  • Specific ways to interact from the first date that will break through the shell people present when first meeting (you’ll be surprised by how quickly this works to put your date at ease and make him reveal his true colors)
  • What my male clients have told me they’re really looking for in a woman – and how to be the woman who stands out from the competition
  • How to create meaningful, enduring connection (instead of the false chemistry that can fool you and doesn’t last)
  • Targeted exercises and questionnaires to to determine your critical dealbreakers and what you truly need to be happy in a relationship – so you don’t waste time with the wrong people
  • The common characteristics and behaviors that universally either attract a potential partner or push them away on dates (knowing these will help you stop unintentionally sabotaging your chances at love)
  • How to make online dating and text messaging work FOR you – you’ll learn how to overcome the obstacles most women fall into when communicating this way, and how to instead, convey emotions and build intimacy through your words
  • How to create a completely pressure-free environment for yourself and your prospective partner in order for true love to bloom (your partner will feel safe enough to share their deepest truths)
  • The easiest way to foster honesty and transparency from the first few encounters so you get the critical information you need early on
  • How to determine if someone is truly interested in you and whether they will be a compatible match for the long term
  • How to navigate the fragile early months of a new relationship – including what to do if you start feeling the fear of abandonment and insecurity that is so common in this stage – so you build an unbreakable bond
  • Secrets of “stay-in-love couples” – and how to put them into practice so that you can surmount the difficult situations that might unravel a typical relationship
  • What to do when a promising relationship ends, and how to use the lessons to find an even better connection

I’ve seen how the principles in Dating Rehab have brought soul-satisfying love to so many of my patients, and I want everyone to have the chance to experience the same transformation.

If you aren’t completely satisfied once you try out this program, you can return it within the first 7 days. I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. You’ll get:

  • 6 hours of powerful advice you can start listening to immediately, on any device: desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Full Program Transcript as a simple downloadable PDF, so you can to follow along with the audio, take notes and easily refer back to my method any time.
  • The Dating Rehab Workbook packed with 14 game-changing exercises. These will help you start applying these powerful principles right away, and provide the insight and perspective you need to successfully date authentically and find your true love.

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Be The Change You Want To See And Find Real Love

What if you could be fearless and show up exactly as you are – with all your unique gifts and unique imperfections?

What if, instead of dreading the process and wasting time in superficial connections, you could fast-track your way to the man who will excite you and who will be just as thrilled with YOU being your true self?

Up until now, you may have wondered if this kind of love exists. You may have even felt that this kind of love wasn’t possible for you – that you’re too flawed.

But there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’ve been struggling to find love because you’re swimming upstream, in a collapsed dating system with a high probability for error.

The way you change it? Change how you show up.

In Dating Rehab, I will teach you how to completely change your experience – and the love you find – all by yourself.

This program will ask you to stretch yourself in sometimes uncomfortable directions. But this is the only way you will finally be able to reach – and finally claim for yourself – the kind of love that has eluded you so far.

This love is waiting for you now.


Signed by Dr. Randi Gunther

Monthly Payment Plan

5 payments of:

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1 Easy Payment


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