About Dr. Randi Gunther

Dr. Randi Gunther
You cannot change what you are unwilling to see.

There is a deep longing within each and every one of us to mean something to a special someone - to feel that they will never exile us from their heart.

I call it “treasured belonging.”

At your core, you want to know that someone else’s life would be greatly diminished without you.

It’s a yearning as natural and deep as the urge to breathe. This yearning is what drives us to find a partner and feel the euphoria of falling in love when we finally do.

And it’s this same yearning that compels us to work hard to save our relationships when they are in trouble.

But if this yearning is so powerful, why do we keep stumbling in love? Why can it be so hard to find a partner to share your life with, and why can that same love, once found, often seem to slip away?

The answer is that we often look at love through a distorted lens. And until we see what’s really there, we’ll never learn how to create it and keep it alive.

That’s where I can help.

As a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in Southern California for over 40 years, I’ve spent over 100,000 hours face-to-face with individuals and couples just like you.

Through my private counseling, workshops, and lectures, I’ve helped thousands to understand their relationships in entirely new ways.

I’ve also helped them see that every relationship is a deal, and that nobody lasts if that deal goes bad. The creation of a long-lasting, wonderful relationship is not automatic or easy. Like any other important commitment, it can only continue paying dividends with a continuous re-investment of time, energy, and devotion.

In short, as much as you want to feel that “treasured belonging,” you also have the responsibility to keep becoming the kind of person who will inspire treasuring - through constant personal evolution.

This is what it means to love like a hero - a fierce commitment to your own personal growth and to that of your partner. I’ll teach you the skills and values successful couples practice that ensure their love will continue to regenerate.

It’s the only way my own marriage has flourished for over 50 years. My husband and I met when we were in our teens, yet I feel like I’ve been married to 14 different men - each time I thought I had mastered who he was, he transformed into someone I wanted to discover again.

I look forward to taking you by the hand, showing you the view from above, and watching your own heroic love journey unfold.


Signed by Dr. Randi Gunther