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Is He a Keeper? Here’s How To Tell

Is He a Keeper? Here’s How To Tell

He’s cute, but does he have what it takes to create long-term love? Read on to find out.

How Honest Should You Really Be With Him?

How Honest Should You Really Be With Him?

If you’re afraid of “rocking the boat” in your relationship, here’s why you need to throw that idea overboard right now.


Are You Destined To Be Alone?

How many times have you gotten excited about someone you were dating, only to be disappointed weeks or months later? It’s not that you have a hard time meeting people – you just can’t seem to keep a relationship going or even get one off the ground. Let’s pretend we’re face to face in my therapy office. We’re going to go through the reasons this is happening to you.


4 Signs He’s Worthy Of Being Your Husband

I’ve counseled many, many couples. After all these years, I now know the magic ingredients that make for a good husband. If some of my women clients had known about these ingredients before, they might have made different choices and married a man who was better able to create a healthy relationship.